An Australian family was taken aback when they found a venomous snake in their laundry room.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers wrote that the “highly venomous” small eastern brown snake was found “hiding amongst a family’s dirty clothes in the laundry” Tuesday afternoon.

The post added that the family members were “very lucky” as they saw it “before anyone decided to move the pile of clothes.” The family informed the snake catchers who arrived at the home and rescued the reptile before releasing it into the wild.

The Facebook post also cautioned people to “remember to keep your doors, windows and screen doors shut and make sure there are no gaps under them so snakes can’t get inside your home!”

A photo accompanying the post showed the snake slithering on the ground. Several people felt the reptile looked “different for a brown snake” because of its “different coloring.”

“Stunning creature.... an example of how their name is not a definitive description,” a user wrote.

“I would have mistaken it for a tree snake. I will think twice now before I dismiss it as safe,” another user commented.

Some users tagged their friends and asked them to be cautious.

“Make sure you do you don’t leave ya washing on the floor,” a user commented. “Argh keep the doors shut,” wrote another user.

Snake Pixabay