ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds opens up about his films "Self/less" and "Deadpool" during a visit to AOL Hq for Build on July 6 in New York City. Gino DePinto, AOL

While actor Ryan Reynolds is currently promoting his newest movie, “Self/less,” his fans are chomping at the bit for any information on his highly anticipated, and long awaited “Deadpool” film. Now that the actor has wrapped filming on the project, he’s finally ready to share some details about it.

Reynolds can be seen next in the movie “Self/less” starring alongside Ben Kingsley. The complex science-fiction thriller sees the 38-year-old actor play the man who Kingsley’s character places his conscious into in order to live an extended life. Not long after, some secrets come to light that force the character confront exactly who previously owned the body and the implications of that.

“It was a strange thing. Ben and I spoke a little bit about how we were going to approach this,” Reynolds told the crowd at an AOL Build chat on Monday in New York City while promoting the film. “At the end of the day you just kinda think that if somebody was in their 70s and had this opportunity to relax and let go after spending their whole life working, part of what you’d want to do is just breathe again, live his life. So he parties a bit.”

While “Self/less” is poised to hit theaters on July 10, many AOL Build attendees were much more excited to hear about his infamous “Deadpool” movie and what they can expect when Wade Wilson, A.K.A. The Merc With A Mouth, tumbles into theaters in 2016. As many fans know, Reynolds has wanted to play the part for quite some time, but the film was in perpetual studio limbo for more than a decade.

“For me it’s 11 years of waiting to do this guy. That doesn’t happen like this in a business where you wait so long and they’ll eventually say: ‘You can’t do this, you’re old,’” Reynolds said. “Six years ago, we wrote a script and it was awesome. It was as if the people who created Deadpool themselves had done it.”

Unfortunately, the script remained on the shelf for so long that everyone involved seemingly moved on. In 2011, the actor revealed he called Fox before taking on the role of “Green Lantern” to ask if him taking the part would slow down the “Deadpool” movie. That’s when it became clear that nothing would be happening with the film in the immediate future. It wasn’t until some test footage that he shot for internal use at Fox leaked in 2014 (below) that the fan's demand reached the studio’s ears. Now we’ll get to see Reynolds play the Marvel character he loves some time next year.

“Deadpool’s not really a superhero, he’s an anti-hero. We touch on different themes of that in the film,” Reynolds teased. “There’s definitely some ‘X-Men’ action in the film too, a little bit of that here and there. So he’s always kind of walking that line. He’s a morally flexible anti-hero. It’s nice to play a guy where you don’t automatically assume ‘oh he’s got a big heart.’”

With Deadpool joining the larger “X-Men” universe at Fox, Hugh Jackman almost let it slip to Huffington Post last month that his Wolverine character may have a part to play in “Deadpool.” As fans know, Reynolds played a variation of Wade Wilson in the 2009 film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” that was abhorred by comic fans. When asked about the rumor that “Deadpool” will take a second shot at uniting the iconic characters, Reynolds played coy and simply said that “anything is possible.”

“I don’t know if it’ll happen ever, but the friction between Deadpool and Wolverine was unlike anything else. There was a lot of things that might have been wrong with the first ‘Wolverine: Origins,’ we certainly had the chips stacked against us from the beginning. But one of the things I loved about it was the brief interaction between Wolverine and Wade Wilson,” he confessed. “But there are things in the ‘Deadpool’ movie that might change that. There are things that make you say: ‘Oh, I’d like to see this pairing or that pairing.’ As you know, he’s a guy who is aware he’s in a comic book movie, so he’s pretty unfiltered when it comes to talking about it.”

While both actors seem to be sitting on something, they’re remaining tight-lipped until “Deadpool” hits theaters on Feb. 12, 2016. In the meantime, you can check out the NSFW leaked test footage that got the film off the ground in the first place below: