Deep Rock Galactic Plaguefall
Deep Rock Galactic Plaguefall Ghost Ship Games


  • Meteorites house several Plaguehearts that can be deposited in the Mule
  • Contagion Spikes are usually surrounded by tough enemies
  • Players must use cleansing tools to sanitize Contagion Spikes

The third season of "Deep Rock Galactic" added two new events that can divert the attention of miners away from their usual routines. These events, much like the ones from previous seasons, offer bountiful rewards, assuming players choose to see them through until the end.

"Plaguefall" introduced Meteor Impacts and Lithophages, which both have unique mechanics attached to them. Here's a quick guide on how to clear both of these events.

Meteor Impacts

During any mission, there's a chance that meteors might fall from space and right into the operating area. These are marked by red danger zones that can appear out of nowhere. Mission Control will alert players of incoming danger.

Once the meteors arrive, players can begin cracking open the smaller fragments for a chance at getting Plaguehearts.

However, the main attraction of this event is the large meteorite, which is guaranteed to contain several Plaguehearts. These can't be picked open, though, and players will need to set up specialized tools to get the job done.

DRG - Cleansing tools
LithoFoam throwers in Deep Rock Galactic Plaguefall Ghost Ship Games

Install the Rock Crackers and hook them up to the fuel lines sent from the Space Rig. Then, defend the area until the meteorite is open. Extract the Plaguehearts, and then finish the rest of the mission.

Lithophage Outbreak

Missions with the Lithophage Outbreak modifier feature fully-grown Plaguehearts, now called Contagion Spikes, that have started to corrupt nearby minerals and the local Glyphid population with Rockpox.

Contagion Spikes cannot be mined. Instead, they are purified by using LithoFoam and LithoVac cleansing tools. Clear the area around a spike and call in these tools from orbit.

From here, grab a LithoFoam thrower and start spraying the glowing nodes around the Contagion Spike. Once it's all covered up, pick up the LithoVac and suck everything up.

Pick up any valuables, stow them into the Mule and proceed with the rest of the mission.

Be careful when approaching Contagion Spikes as Plague Larvae might overwhelm a hapless miner. Rockpox itself can also completely immobilize unsuspecting dwarves, leaving them vulnerable to incoming attacks from infected Glyphid Grunts and Praetorians.

When fighting these Rockpox-infected enemies, aim for their glowing bits to take them out much quicker.

DRG - Rockpox Glyphid
Infected Glyphids in Deep Rock Galactic Plaguefall Ghost Ship Games