In this photo, President Donald Trump waves as he arrives at the Capitol with Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn for a House Republican Conference meeting in Washington, D.C., Nov. 16, 2017. Alex Wong/Getty Images

In an apparent gaffe, the official Twitter page of the Department of Defense retweeted a post which called for President Donald Trump to step down from his post.

The original tweet was made by a Twitter user by the name of PROUD RESISTER in which he called for the resignation of Roy Moore and Senator Al Franken both of whom are in controversy surrounding sexual assault allegations.

He then went on to name the president who was also accused of sexual assault when he was a Republican candidate for 2016 election.

Trump went through a torrid time during his campaign when multiple women came up with allegations regarding Trump’s sexual misconduct. An article in New Yorker said, many also talked about Trump’s himself describing his behavior where he once stated to Billy Bush that he grabbed women by the p----, because he could.

The retweet was deleted but the damage was done.

Pentagon spokesperson, Colonel Rob Manning in a statement said that the tweet was an “erroneously retweeted content that would not be endorsed by the Department of Defense. The operator caught this error and immediately deleted it,” Independent reported.

Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, Dana White also tweeted after the incident saying the same thing.

This stirred quite a lot of Twitter activity. Many found the whole fiasco hilarious and expressed the same on Twitter by repying to the picture of the retweet.

However, this not the first instance that a U.S. governmental institution has made a major blunder on Twitter. On Tuesday, the U.S. Strategic Command Twitter page, tweeted a story which contained factually wrong information about nuclear weapons.

The article in the tweet mentioned the fact that U.S. had “secret” silos which was a wrong fact because the silos and bunkers are not secret and anyone can find them on Google Maps. Another wrong information which the article gave was that, it claimed that the B-1 bomber plane was capable of dropping nuclear bombs which wasn’t the case.

This action was not only callous but also had the potential to become a bilateral tension for the U.S. with North Korea, as specified by a North Korean security expert, Van Jackson, in a tweet.

He said that the tweet by the U.S. Strategic Command makes the B-1 bomber nuclear capable in the eyes of North Korea. Hence, if any of these planes fly over North Korea then they might just attack it, thinking that the bomber is carrying nuclear arms inside it.

However, the US Strategic Command Twitter page then tagged the author of the article in another tweet saying that they will contact her and rectify the mistakes and also commended the article for describing the life aboard a ballistic missile submarine.