• Demi Lovato and Drew Barrymore talked about "the parent-child dynamic" 
  • Both actresses grew up in the spotlight and had strained relationships with parents
  • Lovato hit the headlines earlier this week after she came out as nonbinary

Demi Lovato opened up about how becoming the “breadwinner” as a teen affected their family dynamics. The Disney alum revealed this while speaking to Drew Barrymore on the “4D With Demi Lovato” podcast Wednesday.

"I noticed that when I came into the spotlight at a young age, and then was the breadwinner...there wasn't a manual for my parents to read and it say, 'Here's what to do to raise a child star,'" Lovato told Barrymore.

"They didn't get that," the “Camp Rock” star further said during the podcast. "So when they would try to ground me at 17, I would say, 'I pay the bills.' And I cringe now when I think about that attitude. But when the world is putting you on a pedestal, you kind of think that you could do no wrong. As I've gotten older, I see my parents just as big kids themselves."

Just like Lovato, Barrymore also grew up in the spotlight and also had a strained relationship with her parents.

"I don't think it's the world and the pedestal. I think it's the parent-child dynamic that gets completely reversed. And no wonder you won’t take an order from an authority figure who’s no longer an authority figure because you’ve now reduced them down with finances and responsibilities,” the “Charlie’s Angels” star stated.

Barrymore shared she did not know why she was angry at her mom and why she resented her in the past. The “Music and Lyrics” actress, then, said she realized her incapability of creating a loving relationship with her mother is the cruelest thing she did in her life.

The Hollywood veteran divulged she and her mother are on good terms now. However, Barrymore revealed she could not have a good relationship with her until she figured it out for herself after becoming a mom to her two daughters with ex-husband Will Kopelman.

Earlier this week, Lovato also hit the headlines after coming out as non-binary. The “Skyscraper” hitmaker, during an interview with Jane Fonda on her “Fire Drill Fridays,” explained they first had to realize that fulfilling gender roles and religious expectations was not a requirement to finding happiness.

Lovato said they got tired of being told to do certain things because they are female.

"When I strip myself of the norms that society has pushed on me ... I have become the most complete and authentic version of myself," the “Heart Attack” singer said.

Lovato urged everyone to use “they/them” pronouns for non-binary people for the international scientific community believes that gender should not be mixed with sex and sexualities and pronouns -- he/she used to address people should change with time.

Recently, Elliot Page, Sara Ramirez and singer Sam Smith also declared their non-binaries identities.

Singer Demi Lovato attends the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, Aug. 30, 2015. Getty Images/ Jason Merritt