Ashton Kutcher (R) and Demi Moore
Ashton Kutcher (R) and Demi Moore arrive for an interview in a shopping centre in Pasching some 180 kilometres (some 112 miles) west of Vienna October 29, 2010. Reuters

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were seen in public together this weekend, as reports surfaced that Moore had contacted a divorce lawyer.

The Five director and Two and a Half Men star attended the same service at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles, Calif., Friday evening -- but there is no confirmation on whether they arrived or left together. The possibly estranged couple sat on opposite sides of the aisle during the service (which is customary) but Kutcher greeted his wife with a warm hug as they exited the building, People magazine reports.

According to the People report, Ashton was spotted affectionately leaning down to talk to the actress, who was quiet and appeared tired, and that the couple walked off with their arms wrapped around each other's waists.

Two days later, the Daily Mail reported that Moore had sought the services of a divorce attorney the same day of the public sighting, after attempts to patch up her six-year-old marriage failed.

Miss Moore has been totally humiliated, an entertainment industry insider told the Daily Mail. On Friday, therefore, she consulted a lawyer about getting a divorce.

The discussion included her living arrangements and how a divorce would impact her assets. She is worth about £97 million ($152 million U.S. dollars) and Kutcher is also worth close to that, the source continued. This is a huge and very tough decision for Miss Moore to take. But her trust has been shattered.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 24 - the couple's wedding anniversary - Kutcher allegedly had a tryst with 23-year old Sara Leal in a San Diego hotel, where he had spent the previous evening partying with friends while Moore was in New York City to promote Five, a breast cancer anthology in which Moore has a directing credit.

She [Moore] desperately wanted to save their marriage, the anonymous source told the Daily Mail. But the Sara Leal story was a hard one for Kutcher to deny because it was backed up by the seedy photos of him partying. first broke the story of Ashton's alleged affair when an acquaintance of Leal's emailed Nik Richie (who runs to let him know about the affair.

IBTimes spoke with Nik Richie on Sept. 30th. While Richie said he was 100 percent sure the reports of the fling were accurate, his sources were telling him that Kutcher and Moore were committed to weathering the storm.

From everything I'm hearing, they're going to try and work it out, he told IBTimes. Without directly naming his sources, he said they are primarily business associates of the couple.

When asked if his sources believed the couple would just be staying together for the cameras, Richie said his impression was the the couple's interest in keeping their marriage together was genuine.

I think there is still animosity, Richie added. Ashton cheated on her, it's still a big deal...I think the communication is not really there between them.

Communication certainly isn't there between them on Twitter, where, until recently, the couple could be counted on to flaunt their happy marriage and overshare intimate details about their lives. These days, their tweets have become less personal, save the occasional veiled reference to the media speculation about the state of their marriage.

When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME, Kutcher tweeted on Sept. 29. Previously, he tweeted the song Don't Believe the Hype via Spotify.

Reps for the couple have yet to comment on their marriage or the rumors of the alleged affair.