Should the royal baby pop out of Kate Middleton with a brash-sounding Chicago accent and a gift for acting, don’t be so surprised.

At least the Twitterverse won’t be, as many users referenced the juxtaposition Monday of the death of “Law & Order” actor Dennis Farina and the impending birth of the royal baby, with Middleton reportedly going into labor early Monday morning London time.

The idea that the royal baby will be a reincarnated Farina spread through Twitter Monday afternoon after the death of the “Snatch” star was announced. Among those espousing the possibility that Farina will be brought back into the world as the royal baby was actress Olivia Wilde:

Farina, 69, died Monday from complications of a blood clot in his lung.

Wilde wasn’t the only one who thought about the circle of life.

One Twitter user already believed Farina and the royal baby were the same person, but not necessarily because they believe in reincarnation. They actually thought the baby had been delivered and was named Dennis Farina.

What do you think about the talk that the royal baby will house Farina’s soul? Does this fall under the category of too soon? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.