Destiny 2 - Fallen Sunstar
The Fallen Sunstar exotic Warlock helmet in Destiny 2 Destiny 2


  • Ionic Traces restore energy to all basic abilities
  • The Fallen Sunstar exotic greatly increases the regeneration gained from Ionic Traces
  • Coldheart excels at dealing high single-target damage

The changes made to Stormcallers in "Destiny 2's" Arc 3.0 update aren't as apparent as in the other classes, but this doesn't mean that they aren't as powerful.

There's one particularly popular PvE build that essentially gives Arc Warlocks a near-unlimited source of energy through constant Ionic Trace generation paired with Elemental Wells and other passive effects.

The Class Setup

The Electrostatic Mind aspect is required to make this build shine. It causes all Arc ability kills as well as kills on Jolted or Blinded enemies to spawn an Ionic Trace. Pair this with Arc Soul for more passive firepower.

Jolt can be applied to targets by throwing grenades while the Spark of Shock fragment is equipped. Assuming that the grenade doesn't destroy targets that it hits, any follow-up damage will at least guarantee that an Ionic Trace will spawn from them regardless. Use either Storm Grenade or Arcbolt Grenade.

To maximize trace spawns, use Spark of Discharge and Spark of Brilliance. The former does stack with Electrostatic Mind, and it will sometimes cause two Ionic Traces to spawn after defeating a suitable target.

Destiny 2 - Stormcaller Screen
The updated Stormcaller Warlock class screen in Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Armor Mods

This build will capitalize on grenades and Arc damage by using the following mods:

  • Elemental Ordnance
  • Elemental Armaments
  • Elemental Charge
  • High-Energy Fire
  • Font of Might
  • Impact Induction

With this setup, players will be able to spawn Elemental Wells to stack even more energy on top of Ionic Traces while also getting more weapon damage from two different sources. Feel free to swap Elemental Armaments with Seeking Wells for convenience's sake.

Recommended Weapons and Exotics

This build can be used without any exotic armor pieces, but the new Fallen Sunstar helmet is perfect for any Ionic Trace/Elemental Well build. It not only makes traces give more energy, but it also replenishes the energy of nearby teammates as well.

Crown of Tempests can also fill the ability regeneration role as it now grants faster recharge rates after defeating targets with Arc abilities or Jolt.

For weapons, players have two options: Coldheart or any gun with the Voltshot perk.

Coldheart periodically spawns Ionic Traces while its damaging enemies in its high-damage state, making it great for single-target damage. Meanwhile, Voltshot primaries like Brigand's Law and Tarnished Mettle are better at general add-clearing.

Destiny 2 - Coldheart
Coldheart periodically generates Ionic Traces as long as its hitting enemies while its damage buff is active Destiny 2