Destiny 2 Rose 2022
Rose returns in Season of the Seraph as a 140RPM Hand Cannon Bungie


  • Rose is obtained as a curated reward from the Competitive Crucible quest
  • Randomly-rolled Roses can be farmed by completing weekly challenges
  • The gun comes with a few top-tier PvP perks, including Rangefinder and Explosive Payload

Rose was one of the more popular of weapon options back in post-Forsaken "Destiny 2." Back then, it was a solid and snappy 150RPM hand cannon that could compete with other meta picks. In "Season of the Seraph," Rose has returned to the 140RPM archetype with rebalanced stats and a new pool of perks to choose from.

Hand cannons are still in a healthy spot within the Crucible's meta in Season 19, and bagging the new and improved Rose could prove to be very beneficial for Guardians who want to stay on top of their game.

How to get Rose in Season 19

Rose is the reward players get for completing their placement matches in the newly-implemented Competitive mode in the Crucible. This means anyone who's looking to get a copy of this hand cannon will have to compete against other Guardians in seven ranked PvP matches in total.

Make sure to speak to Lord Shaxx first before diving into the playlist to get the "Dividing the Ladder" quest.

Destiny 2 Rose collections
The kinetic hand cannon Rose in Destiny 2 Season 19 Destiny 2

Once the placement matches are done, return to Shaxx to receive the gun. Everyone gets the same Rose roll after finishing the quest, and to get more variants of it, players will have to complete weekly Competitive challenges.

Those who want to get more than one Rose roll per week will have to use finish these weekly challenges using their other characters.

Rose Stats and Best Perks

Rose got its stats jumbled up thanks to its transition into a 140RPM hand cannon. At base, it can three-tap Guardians up to 28 meters away. With a max range roll, it can be effective up to 35 meters, which is more than enough to compete with other meta options.

The gun can also roll with fantastic PvP perk combos. It can drop with the usual array of barrel and magazine perks, but there are a few standout options that players might want to chase after, including:

  • Accurized Rounds
  • Moving Target
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Rapid Hit
  • Rangefinder
  • Explosive Payload
  • Eye of the Storm

It also comes with a grip perk, with Polymer Grip being a notable pick since it doesn't come with any drawbacks.

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