Destiny 2 Veist Armor
Three sets of Veist-themed armor for Destiny 2 Bungie


  • Seraph Codes can be obtained by completing any playlist activity or public event
  • Override Frequencies lead to special chests hidden across the Moon and Europa
  • The Exo Frame holds upgrades that make the loot grind easier

There's a ton of new gear and resources to farm for in "Season of the Seraph," and "Destiny 2" players should expect to sink in quite a bit of time if they want to get all of the stuff that this season has to offer.

"Destiny 2's" seasonal model hasn't changed much in the latest update, though some players may still be confused regarding how to farm for all of the new content as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here's a short overview of the new things "Season of the Seraph" has to offer and some of the best ways to grind for them.

Seasonal Currency – Seraph Codes

Completing any activity this season will net players Seraph Codes, which are used to open Seraph Chests at the end of a Heist Battlegrounds run.

Strikes reward upwards of 250 Seraph Codes per run, while heroic public events can reward up to 200 each. Players who want to earn as many codes as possible in a short amount of time should go for events since they finish quicker. They also contribute to seasonal challenges.

Resonant Stems and Override Codes

Players can earn red-border weapons by hunting down special chests scattered across Europa and Luna (the moon). These chests are opened with Override Codes, which are obtained by collecting Resonant Stems from activities and converting them into Resonance Amps in the inventory.

Destiny 2 Resonance Amps
Resonance Amps lead to hidden loot caches in either Europa or the Moon Destiny 2

The locations of these chests are shown on the Resonant Amps themselves. They have vague descriptions pertaining to their locations, which means players will have to do some exploring and sleuthing to find out where they are. There are a total of 12 different spots divided neatly between the two planets.

Heist Battlegrounds and Seasonal Gear

The playlist activity for this season involves short, Strike-like missions that players can breeze through fairly easily. Chests at the end of each run have a chance of giving red-border guns as well as new armor pieces, but this is heavily reliant on luck.

Upgrading the Exo Frame at the HELM will increase the odds of getting Deepsight weapons, and eventually, players will be able to focus their engrams to get specific guns and armor pieces as long as they finish seasonal challenges.

Destiny 2 Revision Zero
Revision Zero, an exotic Pulse Rifle introduced in Destiny 2 Season 19 Bungie