Destiny 2 - Crown of Tempests
The Crown of Tempests exotic helmet for Warlocks Destiny 2


  • Lightning Surge is great for finishing off damaged enemies
  • Wave-frame grenade launchers are excellent for setting up Lightning Surge kills
  • Crown of Tempests grants increased ability regeneration after every Arc ability kill

Dawnblade remains at the top of the Warlock class in terms of PvP effectiveness. But the reworked Stormcaller can compete with its Solar counterpart if players can adapt to its unique strengths and weaknesses.

Arc Warlocks may not have the mobility or survivability of the other subclasses. But it makes up for it through sheer aggression. Guardians who want to dive straight into the enemy's personal space will have plenty of opportunities to do so with the Stormcaller's aspects, fragments and unique pool of exotics.

Here's one build that makes use of the new Lightning Surge aspect to dominate close quarters in the Crucible.

Recommended Exotics

As an ability-focused build, players will want to use exotic armor pieces that grant faster regeneration rates. The Crown of Tempests is a great candidate for this since it buffs Arc ability regeneration when players kill enemies with them or with the Jolt effect.

Alternatively, the Eye of Another World grants a passive regen boost that's always active, albeit much slower.

For weapons, Dead Messenger is highly recommended for reasons to be explained below. However, any other special ammo grenade launcher can be just as effective.

Destiny 2 - Dead Messenger
The Dead Messenger wave-frame grenade launcher from Destiny 2 Season of the Risen Destiny 2

Class Setup and Playstyle

This build relies on Lightning Surge's AoE damage to finish off enemies hit by grenade launchers or any other damage source. In a way, this playstyle resembles Titan shoulder charge builds except it hits in an area instead of a cone.

Use Arc Soul with Lightning Surge to get extra firepower when in close quarters. The Arc buddy should be able to finish off enemies in case they survive the grenade and surge hits. Players who want more energy regen should use Electrostatic Mind instead.

For fragments, use the following:

  • Spark of Feedback
  • Spark of Recharge
  • Spark of Resistance

Feedback and Resistance will make players more effective in melee combat, while Recharge will grant even more ability regeneration when low on health.

Armor mod selection is up to the player's preference. However, consider using Impact Induction and Melee Kickstart to complement the build's playstyle. This should reduce the cooldown of Lightning Surge even further while also granting grenade energy every time a melee attack connects with an enemy.

Destiny 2 - Stormcaller Screen
The updated Stormcaller Warlock class screen in Destiny 2 Destiny 2