• A tenant allegedly left behind 8,000 beer cans and a 4-foot mound of excrement after vacating a U.K. apartment
  • A garbage disposal worker went through 100 trash bags and 10 bottles of bleach for the cleaning job
  • The landlord said he tried to inspect the unit many times over months of unpaid rent, but the tenant talked his way out of it

An apartment tenant in the U.K. who allegedly failed to pay rent for a year left behind thousands of beer cans and a person-size mound of excrement after vacating the premises.

"As soon as I walked through the door there were beer cans everywhere and the smell was terrible," garbage disposal worker Freddie Gillium-Webb was quoted as saying by the New York Post.

Photos of the apartment showed the unnamed tenant's abandoned piles of aluminum cans and food containers had obscured the floor and sofa from view.

"I think I removed about 8,000 in total," Gillium-Webb, a 29-year-old Hampshire native, said. He suspected that the tenant "didn't use the bin at all" as the "kitchen was full of food waste, and in the living room, there were half-eaten kebabs and moldy loaves of bread all over the floor."

The toilet, which was reportedly never flushed, had a 4-foot pile of "toilet paper and feces" that Gillium-Webb described as a "leaning tower of poo-sa," in reference to the popular bell tower tourist attraction located in the Roman town of Pisa.

Gillium-Webb suspected that the pile of human waste may have been due to a faulty flusher, which has since been fixed.

The garbage disposal worker went through 100 trash bags and 10 bottles of bleach over the course of the "never-ending" job. He also reportedly threw up three times during the cleanup despite boasting a strong stomach from working in wastewater management.

"It had to have been like that for a while because it was really bad... he was just living in it and topping up the mess," Gillium-Webb said.

"The tenant might have had depression, and he probably had a drinking problem based on the amount of cans - you need help sometimes, but you can’t live like that, there’s no excuse for it to get that bad," he explained.

The landlord claimed he had tried to inspect the apartment several times over months of unpaid rent, but the tenant talked his way out of it each time. The renter reportedly left of his own accord when the landlord tried to evict him, relinquishing the property to the owner.

"I might have left a bit of a mess," the tenant allegedly wrote in a text message following his departure.

Gillium-Webb said he thinks lax renter laws are to blame for the incident.

"You’d think renting through an estate agent would be fail safe because they have guarantors, so I can’t see how it’s been allowed to happen," he said.

"It just shouldn’t be able to happen, and tenants like that should be blacklisted from renting again because otherwise, it could just happen again and again to more landlords," Gillium-Webb explained.

Representation. Freddie Gillium-Webb, 29, allegedly had to go through 100 trash bags and 10 bottles of bleach to clean the dirty apartment. Pixabay