Beyonce Jay Z tattoos cheating divorce Lemonade
A report Friday speculated if Beyoncé and Jay Z got their matching tattoos removed amid cheating and divorce rumors. In this photo, Jay Z and Beyoncé attend 'China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, May 4, 2015. Getty Images/John Lamparski

A report by Radar Online speculated if Beyoncé and Jay Z, whose marriage is rumored to be troubled off-late, removed their matching tattoos they got done after their wedding. Rumors over the past few weeks suggested the couple is facing problems in their relationship and after Beyoncé dropped her latest album “Lemonade,” rumors of Jay Z cheating and an impending divorce spiraled further.

The report by Radar Online said Beyoncé and Jay Z got matching tattoos of “IV” on their ring fingers as it is the Roman symbol for the number four, and her birthday falls on Sept. 4 while Jay Z’s is on Dec. 4. The couple also got married on April 4, 2008. However the report by Radar Online said the rapper’s tattoo was not as visible recently as it was when they had got it done. The report also said that on one occasion, Jay Z's tattoo was not visible at all.

The report added that during Beyoncé’s 2016 Super Bowl performance, her tattoo also appeared to be much lighter in color.

Another report by Radar Online on Wednesday said that during her Formation World Tour this week, Beyoncé was seen in Miami cuddling her four-year-old daughter Blue Ivy but was not wearing her wedding ring. The report also said that although Jay Z was seen at her first show, supporting his wife, his wedding ring was also absent from his finger.

The report went on to say it found the couple has not been wearing their wedding rings for week, and cited several recent photos of the couple to substantiate its claim.

However, the report was debunked by Gossip Cop, which said the couple not wearing their rings had nothing to do with the ongoing divorce rumors.

In the songs from her latest album “Lemonade,” Beyoncé had referred to a mystery woman “Becky,” suggesting that she was the “other woman” in her marriage. Although reports have speculated that “Becky” could be a reference to singer Rita Ora or designer Rachel Roy, Ora took to Twitter to deny the claims.

A report Friday by Hollywood Life said Ora was “having second thoughts” about attending the Met Gala on May 2 to avoid running into Beyoncé.

“Rita is having second thoughts about attending the Met Ball. She has her gorgeous outfit picked out, but she’s dreading a confrontation with Beyoncé and wants to avoid her and Jay Z,” a source told Hollywood Life, adding: “At this point, she may not even go. She may pull out at the last minute.”

So far, there has been no confirmation about who Becky is or whether the situation described by Beyoncé in her songs is even real. However, several reports suggested that Jay Z might have cheated on the “Crazy In Love” singer and that their marriage might be facing trouble.