“Teen Mom 2” star Javi Marroquin responded to fans on Twitter after he essentially accused his then-wife, Kailyn Lowry, of cheating on him during Monday night’s episode of the MTV reality show. While Lowry didn’t want to talk to producers about their fight, Marroquin aired out their dirty laundry to the cameras.

“A lot of my comments were out of anger because no matter where me and Kail were at the time I was hoping she'd fall back in love with me,” he penned in a Monday tweet. “Coming home and that not happening broke my heart so I acted out. I realized that so I've apologized to her and Jo for acting the way I did. It's hard to relive these days, but I hope Kail knows our relationship now is bigger than this and knows I got her back.” Marroquin added: “We've both said sorry, privately. Sometimes things need to be private.”

Jo Rivera is Lowry’s ex-boyfriend and the father of Isaac, her 7-year-old son. During her marriage to Marroquin, Isaac formed a close bond with him. Marroquin probably wanted to apologize to Rivera for fighting with Lowry in front of Isaac.

Lowry shared some of Marroquin’s Monday tweets that addressed their fight on the show. But she ultimately came off looking like the bad guy. “Are you a sociopath? You seem void of any feelings,” one person wrote to her. “Yeah, I must be,” she tweeted back.

The only thing Lowry said about the disagreement to MTV was, “I’m not filming about it. I’m not filming for the rest of the day. Like, I cannot. I physically cannot.”

Even though Lowry was upset, it was Isaac who seemingly suffered the most. He cried, upset that he wasn’t allowed to see Marroquin’s new house.

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