“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak is all for going on luxurious vacations but when it comes to traveling long distances, she needs her husband Kroy Biermann by her side. However, when Kim tried to defy the terms of an upcoming girls trip for her hubby, the Bravo cast didn’t take too kindly to her disregard for the rules and a heated argument erupted.

Unfortunately for viewers who tuned in Sunday night, the fight was cut due to time constraints. During episode 12, “Peaches Be Trippin,” the ladies attended a vegan dinner at Porsha Williams’ house where Cynthia Bailey invited them on a girls’ trip to Barcelona.

Although everyone was excited about the vacation, the vibe in the room changed when Kim announced she would be bringing her husband along. In a confessional, Kim explained she was nervous to fly more than 10 hours without her husband after she suffered a stroke during a shorter flight in 2015.

Kim stated she would feel safer knowing her husband would be by her side and that he was well aware of what signs to look in case she suffered another stroke.

While the series showed a brief argument, Porsha told E! News there was actually a lot of drama that went on at her dinner party and the spat about Kroy accompanying Kim on the girls’ trip was actually a big issue.

“When I tell you it was a no beef dinner, but it was beef all around that table,” Porsha told the outlet.

“The audience didn’t even get to see a majority of it because, as you can tell, we were on fire that night. The dinner was long. They had to edit it down to what you saw, and it still was on fire,” she teased.

“Kim, with the whole table, when she said she was bring Kroy [to Barcelona], set the table on fire because everybody was ‘Oh no, don’t bring him!’ So that lasted way longer than what people saw,” Porsha revealed.

Kim did not make it to Barcelona due to the rising tension, but it appears she and her husband recently enjoyed their own intimate getaway. On Monday, Kim posted several pictures of herself and Kroy having fun on the beach.

“Day 1 of our getaway I would go to the end of this earth for you my love, my best friend, my strength, my heart, and my world,” she captioned the photos in which she appeared topless alongside her husband.

Kim followed up with a few more photos, showing off her beach body. Although she didn’t get a chance to explore Italy alongside her castmates, the “Don’t Be Tardy” star seems perfectly happy on her romantic vacation for two.

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Kim Zolciak “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak clashes with her cast mates over a sensitive subject. Photo: Alex Martinez/Bravo