After a short stint in rehab for reported heroin use, “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans is back home.

The 21-year-old reality TV starlet entered rehab just last week before returning to her son and also making her way back to Twitter.

Evans tweeted a picture of her 3-year-old son Jace giving a peace sign for the backseat of her car. The following day she tweeted a follow-up picture cuddling with young Jace. "Just where I wanted to be. Morning sunshine,” she wrote as the caption for the image.

The troubled reality star is usually an avid social media user, but decided to take a break from Twitter on March 2. "This is for you Jace, no one else," Evans wrote, hinting that she might be entering rehab. "If anyone deserves this you do. Love you so much buddy. Bye everyone."’

Evans’ attorney, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, said in a statement to E! News on March 6, "Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address any addiction issues for drug use." He did not, however, specify what drug she was being treated for or how long her stay in the facility would be.

According to Radar Online, Evans stayed in rehab for only four days. In the short time she was away, her estranged husband Courtland Rogers was arrested on the assault charges that Evans filed against him while she was pregnant with his child. She miscarried shortly after the altercation.

Rogers, 27, has also been released and created a new Twitter account. Strangely, Evans encouraged her fans to follow it. "Follow Courtland at @KOURTKOURT910," she wrote. "And quit suspending his page."

It seems the two have been talking, with Evans’ writing for fans to follow him since Rogers missed them. Meanwhile, he had gotten back together with the mother of his child, Taylor Lewis. The two posted pictures to the Internet after Evans went to rehab, but on Monday Lewis tweeted “heartbroken” and talked about spending time with someone special, but wouldn’t say whom.

Evans has been known to make some bad decisions, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she did decide to get back with her estranged husband.