Abedin on phone
Abedin, appearing well put-together and unflustered in Ethiopia on June 13. Reuters

The New York Times reported this morning that Anthony Weiner is planning to resign. The article cites a top Democratic official along with two further unnamed sources who were apparently told of Weiner's plans.

According to the report, Weiner began telling trusted associates of his plans on Wednesday evening, and is expected to make an announcement at 2 p.m. EST Thursday.

Weiner had told the press earlier that he was waiting for his wife, Huma Abedin, to return from a trip overseas so the two could discuss his political future together. Abedin, an elegant and exotic beauty, is an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and had been on an official trip with her boss through Africa and the Middle East until earlier this week.

Abedin has a reputation for being extraordinarily discreet, and has made no public comment during the three-weeklong (and counting) ordeal. She was notably absent from her husband's press conference where he confessed to having been dishonest about his online relationships with several women, but reportedly joined him for dinner the same evening.

Within days, credible reports that Abedin was in the early stages of pregnancy surfaced, and there have been no denials issued.

Abedin had previously captured public attention, particularly during Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign, when she was omnipresent as traveling chief of staff. In 2010, she was named on Time Magazine's 40 Under 40 List of New Civic Leaders.

She is a personal friend of Oscar de La Renta, who designed her wedding dress for the July 2010 ceremony.