Whitney Way Thore
Fans wondered if Whitney Way Thore broke up with her boyfriend, Lennie Alehat, broke up after a promo for a new episode premiered. TLC

Whitney Way Thore, the star of TLC’s "My Big Fat Fabulous Life," found love with boyfriend Lennie Alehat, but it might be short lived. In a coming attraction for Wednesday’s episode, it seems Lennie might have cheated on the body-positive activist.

The scene starts with a phone call. "It’s 3:00. I just passed by your house and saw you’re not there," Whitney tells Lennie’s voicemail.

In the next clip, she is interning at a radio station, and tells the hosts she doesn’t know her boyfriend’s whereabouts. "My boyfriend has a history of disappearing," she says. But the hosts are suspicious. "Do you think he’s cheating?" one of them asks.

In the next scene, Whitney finally gets ahold of Lennie. She asks to talk to him in private and starts crying once they are in her car. "You didn’t care that I text you. You didn’t care that I called you ten times," she says.

Lennie appears shocked and asks, "You called me ten times?" The clip breaks away to a different part of the conversation and Whitney asks if Lennie is lying to her.

The promo video finishes with Whitney saying she’s not sure if her relationship with Lennie is going to last. "I don’t know if I’m going to walk away from this with a boyfriend," she tells the camera in a sit-down confidential.

Even though the episode hasn’t aired yet, it appears unlikely Lennie and Whitney broke up. They’re still following each other on social media and Whitney recently posted a picture with her bearded beau July 3.

"We found our books," she captioned a picture of her and Lennie holding up notebooks.

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