After Islamic State group supporters claimed responsibility for terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, in recent weeks, security concerns have been heightened across the globe. Now security is being beefed up at one of the happiest places on Earth — Walt Disney World in Florida.

Ahead of Thursday’s premiere of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at the Disney Springs complex within the Disney World resort, metal detectors were placed at the front of all four Disney World theme parks, the Orlando Sentinel reported. Disney World is also reportedly stopping the sale of toy guns, and not allowing anyone over 14 years old to wear costumes.

People visiting Disney World parks are set to be screened at random to go through the metal detectors, but it’s unknown how long Disney World will have the machines. SeaWorld Orlando, another major vacation attraction in the area, also said Thursday it will begin using metal detectors. Universal Studios, another theme park in Orlando, told the Sentinel it was testing using metal detectors as visitors approach the park.

"We continually review our comprehensive approach to security and are implementing additional security measures, as appropriate," Disney said in a statement to the Sentinel.

The move by Disney follow an incident earlier in December in which a Miami attorney was arrested for trying to bring a snub-nosed revolver with hollow-point bullets into Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, the Daily Mail reported. No guns are allowed to be carried into Disney World parks or resorts unless they are carried by on-duty police.

After the Paris attacks that left 130 people dead in November, many U.S. cities increased security measures. New York City police increased security in crowded areas, and Los Angeles police beefed up patrols at various events, NBC News reported.