Disney Theme Park
An animatronic character lost its head in front of kids at Disney's California Adventure theme park. Getty Images

The head of an animatronic character came off its body amid a crowd of children at Disney's California Adventure Sunday.

Disney villain Ursula was caught without her head during Ariel’s Undersea Adventure in Anaheim, California. The headless robot continued singing during the performance, according to social media.

Patrons caught footage of the incident and posted it on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Twitter user @missydizzy recorded video of the mishap, which she said caught her "off guard because Disney is usually so critical over things like this." She had been riding the attraction with her 8-year-old brother when the head dropped off.

"Immediately after we got off we were ushered out along with everyone else, and the employees looked very concerned," she told Huffington Post of the incident. "Many people had seen Ursula decapitated, including kids who understandably were upset."

Images out of Disneyland Paris showed another animatronic figure from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that had lost its head over the weekend, reported WPLG, an ABC affiliate in Florida.

"So today at Disney, Ursula’s head fell off, and the auctioneer’s head fell off," one user wrote "What I’m hearing is that the faces were still moving on both of them, since cords were still attached to the bodies. Weird."

Disney California Adventure Park is a sprawling, 72-acre theme park in Disneyland Resort. It officially opened in 2001 and features attractions inspired by Marvel, Disney and Pixar characters. Disney announced an expansion of the park in 2007, including the additions of Buena Vista Street and Cars Land.