TXT & Jonas Brothers
TXT 06.21.2023 tweet @TXT_members/Twitter


  • TXT unveiled a snippet of the choreography of "Do It Like That"
  • Several social media users joined in the newest #DoItLikeThat dance trend
  • "Do It Like That" will drop on music streaming platforms on Friday

Tomorrow x Together (TXT) just dropped the choreography for the chorus of "Do It Like That" on TikTok, and fans from across the globe are all invited to join the #DoItLikeThat dance challenge.

Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai surprised fans last week with their fresh and youthful new looks for the highly anticipated summer comeback — a single collaboration with the American pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers. Not only that, but they also performed the dance for "Do It Like That," which was uploaded via the group's official TikTok page.

In the 18-second clip, all five members of the South Korean pop boy band — who debuted under BigHit Music in 2019 — could be seen grooving along to the upbeat track, which features easy-to-follow dance steps that fans — known as MOAs — worldwide could easily dance to.

Understandably, not all fans are knowledgeable when it comes to dance. Hence, some of the footwork or steps in the choreography might be hard to do. Some may also have a hard time learning the steps from watching the video alone.

Luckily, one social media user with the handle @alexhk on TikTok uploaded a tutorial of the dance using emojis as a guide. It has garnered at least 53,000 views and heaps of comments from fans thanking him for the simplified tutorial.

The simplified steps start with moving the torso from right to left, with arms raised high in the air. Then move and shake arms in an up-ward-downward motion, pointing the thumbs upward — similar to the "like" emoji — before kicking the right leg from the front and the back. Repeat the first step with the upper body, but instead of the kick, go in with a classic body wave.

For the next steps, raise the arms again and shake, pretending to shake the hair. Afterward, take the left arm to the right side and pull, doing a small body pump, and then repeat the same movement with the right arm.

Lastly, repeat the first dance move and then swing the arms from left to right, doing a bit of freestyle.

After the choreography video circulated online, several social media users jumped in on the new #DoItLikeThat dance trend, including Kai's older sister, Lea. The original dance video has since accumulated 11.8 million views and 1.2 million likes as of press time.

Some users took to the comments section of the choreography video to praise TXT for the already successful comeback, though the track is officially dropping later this week.

"Hello, I am deeply in love [with] all 5 of [you]," one user commented, while another wrote, "The choreography looks so fun."

"I love the new looks so much," a third user shared.

"Main slayers!" a fourth user exclaimed.

Another commented, "[Please] drop the song [right now]. I can't wait anymore..."

"This song is so groovy [oh my gosh] this summer is going to be the best," a different fan said.

"Do It Like That" marks TXT's first comeback following the success of its fifth mini album, "The Name Chapter: Temptation," in January. It debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart, ranking No. 1, with a total of 161,500 equivalent albums sold in the U.S.

The record was produced by the frontman of the American pop-rock band OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder. He is also popularly known for working with Grammy award-winning artists such as Beyoncé, Adele and Taylor Swift, among others.

Tedder, 43, previously worked with Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas before releasing "Do It Like That." He produced the trio's hit track "Sucker," which was featured on the band's 2019 album, "Happiness Begins."

"Do It Like That" will be available on all music streaming platforms Friday, July 7.

TXT will make their comeback in July.