• Hair loss is a common problem among men and women with the former experiencing a higher rate of occurrence
  • One popular treatment using chili was disproven by health experts
  • They instead recommended two accepted treatments for baldness 

Suffering from permanent hair loss can be very upsetting and can cause a great deal of psychological damage. Aside from losing your crowning glory, you may also experience an erosion of your self-esteem and confidence. This is why many people are going through great lengths, including trying out some unorthodox practices, in a bid to cure themselves of permanent hair loss.

Being willing to try out almost anything to treat hair loss makes people particularly vulnerable to false claims, which can be very expensive and harmful. There is one particular practice that has been popularized on various social media sites that doctors have been warning their patients about.

An Unorthodox Treatment

Recently, various social media sites have been inundated with posts of how a certain practice successfully healed hundreds of patients suffering from hair loss problems. The post has since then been shared a thousand times, which is why it became very popular. It involved sprinkling chili powder or pouring chili oil on the head that the post said can stimulate hair growth.

chili oil for hair loss
chili oil for hair loss 9884533 - Pixabay

Medical practitioners acted swiftly in condemning the practice not only because of its false claims but also because it can damage your scalp and lead to a greater hair loss.

Dr. Bessam Farjo, a hair transplant surgeon and one of the most prominent critics of the practice, warned people to avoid following the advice provided in the social media post. He said that trying out these homemade concoctions opens you to the risk of suffering from injuries.

The hair transplant surgeon said while it is doubtful if said remedy produces positive results, the more likely thing that could happen is it can cause scalp inflammation. Skin irritation could also ensue and lead to more hair loss.

Dr. Sharon Wong, for her part, said the active ingredient in chilis is capsaicin. Although it may be known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, there is very little evidence it can help in re-growing hair. Dr. Wong is the spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation and is also a Consultant Dermatologist.

She also said that rubbing any form of chili directly onto your scalp may cause contact dermatitis and hypersensitivity. Those who rub chili on their scalp may also experience burning sensations immediately. These symptoms, if severe enough, will likely result in more hair loss as a secondary effect.

A More Accepted Treatment

The National Health Service said that minoxidil and finasteride are two accepted treatments for pattern baldness. This is a condition characterized by permanent hair loss often with genetic or hereditary origins. Both treatment options can be obtained either as prescription medication or as an over-the-counter treatment in many countries.

Female pattern baldness may be treated with minoxidil; however, the health body is advising against the use of finasteride on women. It is also important to remember that these medications may only work as long as you are using it, but then again, it may not also work for everyone. The National Health Service does not offer both medications, and obtaining them someplace else may be an expensive proposition.