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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are related to the British royal family through their French ancestry. Reuters

It’s widely believed Angelina Jolie was the cause of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s failed marriage, and according to a source who recently spoke to Star magazine via The Stir, the “Girl, Interrupted” Oscar winner still “hates” the “Friends” star even after she’s been with the swoon-worthy actor for nearly a decade.

Jolie, 38, is apparently very competitive (professionally and personally) with Aniston, 45, and the source said that mother of six is "super vindictive" about her partner’s ex-wife.

The insider explained the Jolie and Pitt family have a pretty hectic household. The kids are supposedly out of control despite seeming well-behaved in public.

“Those children are wild," the source said. "There’s constant screaming at all times of the day and night and they are extremely messy. You will find food, empty McDonald’s wrappers, candy wrappers, piles of toys and clothes, even dead bugs all over the house!” The source continued: “It’s disgusting, but Brad and Angie think it’s great. And the housekeepers [are] expected to clean it all up!”

Apparently, things get even stranger under the Jolie-Pitt roof. The couple’s relationship is allegedly consumed with insecurity and jealously as they both worry if the other has or will cheat. Still, their intimate life is filled with raunchy sex.

The source said: “They are very kinky and will spontaneously hook up any chance they get. They go at it like rabbits.”

Naturally, Jolie and Pitt haven’t addressed the claims. Jolie’s newest movie, “Maleficent,” is set to hit theaters on May 30. Pitt’s next film, “Fury,” is slated to premiere in theaters nationwide in November 2013.

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