Queen Elizabeth II just turned 93 years old last month, and royal fans couldn’t help but wonder if she still has a full set of teeth.

A photo of Her Majesty was uploaded on the online forum site Quora, and it shows the monarch with a beautiful set of teeth. But since she’s already quite old, some royal fans think that she may already be wearing dentures.

Gari Sullivan, a resident of the United Kingdom, said that it is impossible for the Queen to still have a full set of teeth because of her genes. When the Queen Mother was still alive, she appeared in public with her discolored and misaligned teeth. Sullivan described the late royal’s teeth as a collection of spooky, old, and forgotten tombstones.

The royal fan also said that during the Queen’s generation, it was fairly common for people to wear false teeth. As such, the Queen is most probably wearing dentures.

“When you look at a photo of the Queen, her teeth seem unnaturally straight and uniform, so my guess is they are false. She probably has studied photos of her mother’s mouth and thought, ‘[expletive] that!’” he said.

Joel Goldstein, a professor and campus dean at the Strayer University, said that there are a lot of factors to consider in the discussion of the Queen’s teeth. He said that Her Majesty might still have a full set of teeth because of her good genes, good dental hygiene and because she doesn’t smoke.

Tony Walton, a resident of Northern Yorkshire, said that his guess is that the monarch’s teeth are all real and complete.

“My mother died at the age of 85 with all but one of her own teeth still her own (the one was a gold crown). It’s not uncommon… That’s with bog-standard dentistry, NHS when it became available, all her life (not some special royal standard dentistry unavailable to ordinary proles),” he said.