• The dog was taken to the Denver Animal Shelter to receive treatment for the injuries
  • Its owner wasn’t immediately located
  • The shelter staff could put the dog up for adoption if nobody claims it

A terrified dog that was stuck in the narrow space between a fence and a concrete wall was saved by animal rescue officials in Colorado.

On Monday, Denver Animal Shelter officials shared photos of the "phenomenal rescue" on Facebook. The post comprised photos of the dog caught in the tight space. It stated the rescue officials were able to calm the dog by speaking softly and offering it some ice-cream provided by a neighbor.

It was, however, unclear whether it accidentally fell in the gap or got into it by choice. "The poor pup was stuck and scared," the post read.

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"We’ve lovingly named (him) Frederick," the department wrote in the post.

After the rescue, the canine was taken to the Denver Animal Shelter to receive treatment for the injuries it sustained during the ordeal. It was not clear as to how long the dog was stuck there.

The post didn’t detail the process of rescuing the pup but one photo appeared to show it being lifted gradually from the gap. In another photo, the dog looks exhausted after the rescue as it leans against the arm of a rescue official.

The pup’s owner wasn’t immediately located, according to the Facebook post. "We are still searching for this owner though - so please reshare his story so we can find his family!" the post read.

The post didn’t reveal the dog’s breed but it was identified as Rottweiler by KCNC-TV. According to the station, the shelter staff could put it up for adoption if it is left unclaimed.

In a similar incident in October, an Indian man was able to save his pet dog from being swallowed by a 20-foot-long python. The canine started barking when the reptile coiled around it outside the man’s farmhouse in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

The man, identified as Ravi Byndoor, reached out to his friend working in the forest department for help and together they managed to release the canine from the python’s captivity after 80 minutes of struggle.

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Image: Representative image of a pet dog. Pixabay