Susie Tornado
The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office tweeted a photo of a dog called Susie who was found standing guard over a deceased tornado victim in Moore, Okla. Twitter

After the deadly tornado that hit Moore, Okla., Susie, stood guard.

The 12-year-old Schipperke-Border Collie mix was found standing over a dead man inside a house that was destroyed by the storm. On May 21, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office tweeted a photo with a caption saying that the dog was guarding its deceased owner.

After the image went viral on social media, Sheila Collins spotted the photo and contacted the police on Facebook saying that the dog belonged to her brother, Curtis, who survived the tornado.

“Please don't adopt Susie Collins. She is my brother Curtis' dog and he is alive and the only reason he is not well is that he is looking for Susie,” Collins wrote in a comment to the photo.

The sheriff’s office managed to reunite the pair who live about a half mile away from where Susie was found.

“Curtis has no idea why she stood guard of the victim whom he did not know. It was an emotional reunion between ‘Susie’ and Curtis, one we were glad to have been a part of,” the sheriff’s office wrote on its Facebook page.

About 120 lost and injured animals were received by the Central Oklahoma Humane Society after the storm. The organization has made 33 reunions between pet and owner, including one found by a local news station.