A local Colorado family has their FedEx driver to thank for delivering their precious golden retriever, Catcher, back to them. The dog, a golden retriever named Catcher, slipped out of their house last week.

Homeowner Lisa Menzies said that they were getting repairs done on their house when the dog slipped past an open door. The contractor had said that he left the door closed behind him after leaving for lunch. However, the golden retriever had other plans, and when the wind blew the door open, it signified freedom for the curious critter.

Menzies went on to say that she was already expecting the worst, considering that she and her husband were out of town when the incident occurred.

Fox Denver reported that the Castle Pines family thought they wouldn't see Catcher again. She could have gotten hit by a car, or have wandered out to a busy thoroughfare, or worse. It was just their luck when they received a message from their local FedEx driver, who said that he had a special delivery to their address.

The FedEx driver, whose name was not mentioned, said that he just thought it was natural to return the dog to the address which was on her tag. The heart-warming scene was also caught on the family's doorbell camera.

Menzies had no words to describe how thankful she was for the delivery man, who handled the golden retriever with such care and love. It was also evident that the stranger made sure Catcher was comfortable when he dropped her offat the Menzies' home.

Similar cases have been spotted on the Internet where dogs have been returned to their owners by kind-hearted humans. One Reddit story tells of how another FedEx driver returned a dog to his home in a similar fashion.

There is another similar story fromAddicting Stories. It is about another golden retriever which was stuck on a UPS truck. The driver, upon reading the message attached to the dog's collar, realized that the dog was the one he usually gave treats to. The message read that the dog--a golden retriever as well--reminded the driver of how he forgot to give it his usual treat.

Catcher has been enjoying the comforts of home since her return, all thanks to the kind-hearted FedEx driver.

Golden Retriever
This Golden Retriever waits to compete in the ring. IBTimes/Julia Greenberg