A 61-year-old disabled man was mauled to death by his son's dog at their home in Melbourne. Leo Biancofiore was found knocked over in his wheelchair at his Mill Park residence by the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Biancofiore's wife, Donata, 58, came to his rescue and attempted to keep the dog away but she herself got seriously injured. A neighbor sprayed water over the fence to ward off the dog but failed. Police arrived and fired two rounds in its direction to stop the dog from attacking.

The couple’s neighbors, Radenko and Danielle Subotic, told the Herald Sun they thought someone was being murdered next door.

“I heard the screaming from my backyard,” Mrs. Subotic said. “I saw him on the ground... The dog was on top of the body of the man.” There was “no stopping” the “giant pit bull,” another neighbor said.

After police arrived, the animal was kept for hours inside the home before a ranger arrived to capture it. The owner reportedly gave permission for it to be euthanized.

“He (the dog) will be taken to a veterinarian, and my understanding is that the owner of the dog has actually consented to that dog being put down,” senior sergeant Glenn Parker said. “It’s an older dog, it’s quite familiar with all of the members of the family and my understanding is it’s out of character for the dog.”

The dog attack reportedly began inside the house before Donata shifted her disabled husband outside to try and get away from the animal.

A Victoria Ambulance spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the woman was treated for injuries to her upper body. Authorities said the dog was not registered with the local City of Whittlesea council and there had been no prior reports about the dog to the council.

"This is a terribly sad situation and we offer our deepest condolences to the family," the council's director of partnerships, planning and engagement, Liana Thompson, said. "The dog was euthanized last night and council will continue to assist Victoria Police with their investigation."

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