A man was arrested after he threw his pet dog out of a third-floor window to death. The incident took place in the New Brighton neighborhood of New York on Friday afternoon.

According to a criminal complaint, 28-year-old Steve Fenton was alone at home after his wife left the residence for work Friday morning. In the afternoon, neighbors saw the man throwing his canine out of the window along with cages containing two hamsters and a guinea pig. The pets and the cages landed on the ground. While the canine did not move after hitting the ground, the hamsters and guinea pig managed to crawl away after the cages opened.

Police responded to the scene and found with canine dead with scissors lodged to the left side of its head. The hamsters and the guinea pig could not be traced. The accused too was not found at home. Following a search, Fenton was found in a nearby street and taken into custody the same evening.

Fenton, who was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals and three counts of torturing and injuring animals, was being held in jail with his bond set at $15,000. He was scheduled to appear in court Thursday. Investigation into the incident was ongoing and the reason behind the accused committing the crime was not known.

Representational image of a dog. Pixabay