An African-American woman claimed that a worker at a Domino’s pizza outlet in Burlington, North Carolina, racially discriminated against her while placing her order. In this photo, a Domino's Pizza store in Miami, Florida, April 14, 2004. Getty Images/ Joe Raedle

An African-American woman claimed a worker at a Domino’s pizza outlet in Burlington, North Carolina, racially discriminated against her while she was placing her order Monday.

Myasia Nelson, 20, told CBS-affiliated WFMY News 2 she was shocked to see the N-word pop up on the order screen when she was waiting for her food — two boxes of pizzas and a side of wings — with her family at the fast food outlet.

Nelson said she had mentioned her name clearly to the server while placing her order, and had included a slow breakup of its pronunciation so there was no reason for the worker not to get it right and replace it with a racial slur.

"Racial discrimination. That’s what I feel like it is because if it were anyone else they would have never done that,” Nelson said.

Domino’s store supervisor Junior Snyder said the individual who was responsible for the incident was fired.

“We did let the gentleman go, he no longer works for our company," Snyder said. "I apologized to them several times and all I can do is make sure it doesn’t happen again and train and make sure everyone understands we don’t tolerate this."

The “mix-up,” Snyder explained, was because the worker could not make out what Nelson’s name was, despite her repeating it a couple of times.

“The employee said he couldn’t hear what she was saying, he asked her twice, and apparently he just didn’t know how to spell it and punched in something is what he said," Snyder said.

He added the mishap could have been avoided if the worker had asked Nelson for the spelling of her name. However, the supervisor’s explanation of the matter as a case of “misspelling” was countered by the Nelson.

"They don't sound the same, they're not similar words at all," Nelson said, adding the worker had asked for her name only once and not asked her to repeat it.

Snyder said he reiterated right away to the worker that such mistakes were not tolerated by Domino’s.

"Yes I told him mistake or no mistake you can’t work for our company we’re not like that we love all customers that’s why we’re here," he said.

Nelson said as soon as the N-word popped up on the screen, her mother went up to the counter yelling and cursing at the person who took the order.

"I don’t want my daughter growing up being called the words that they wrote about me or being called any type of name,” Nelson said.

Nelson was offered a $50 gift card from Domino’s for her ordeal but she refused to take it.

"My mom told me not to accept it because that 50 dollars is not worth what they did to me so I denied it,” Nelson said.