President Donald Trump’s disapproval ratings spiked over the weekend, making him the first president to receive the highest disapproval ratings within the least amount of time, according to a recent Gallup survey.

The presidential approval study, which has been conducted by Gallup since the Truman administration, concluded that more than half the nation was dissatisfied with Trump only eight days into his term, AOL News reported Sunday. The survey revealed that Trump had a 42 percent approval rating with a 51 percent disapproval rating when it came to his presidential “performance” thus far. Another president that came close to the ranking was former President Bill Clinton, who received a disapproval rating of about 50 percent 152 days into his first presidential term.

Trump carried a 45 percent approval rating within the first few days of his presidency, which began to falter Thursday following the announcement that he had signed an executive order that would greenlight a U.S. and Mexican border wall. Trump’s disapproval rating further climbed over the weekend after he signed Friday an executive order on immigration, which barred refugees and citizens from several “Muslim-majority countries.” In response, protests erupted around the country and thousands arrived at airports across the U.S. to show their support for Muslims, The Guardian reported.

The president released a statement Sunday defending the order and the ban’s legality.

“To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting,” Trump said in the statement. “This is not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe,” Trump said.

Trump also took to Twitter to defend the timing of the ban, writing “If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the “bad” would rush into our country during that week,” Trump tweeted Monday. “A lot of bad “dudes” out there!”