• Donald Trump is reportedly aware that he has a speech problem
  • Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden's stutter during a recent rally
  • Donald Trump's speech is deteriorating

Donald Trump has rarely addressed the speculations surrounding his health. But in a shocking twist last week, the POTUS seemingly commented on his alleged condition.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale revealed how the president talked about Joe Biden at one of his rallies. The POTUS accused Biden of getting angry because this is what happens when someone cannot get his words out.

“Biden has been open about having dealt with a stutter. Trump, who sometimes struggles to pronounce some words, adds, ‘Might happen to me someday.' Trump continued his riff about Biden struggling to get words out: ‘Can you imagine if that happened to me? Man, would I be a bad guy? I’d be the meanest guy in history,’” Dale tweeted.

The POTUS’ statement about Biden’s stutter and deteriorating speech seemed to be projected onto his own worsening speaking abilities. Twitter user @TomJChicago claimed that this is Trump’s way of giving the public a preview of himself without having to directly acknowledge that he’s also struggling with his speech.

“He gives away that he is angry about it. It will continue to worsen,” he tweeted.

Some Twitter users couldn’t help but respond to Dale and Chicago’s tweets.

“Trump has repeatedly made fun of individuals with physical problems and has now made fun of Joe Biden’s stuttering! Is this really the type of bully you want as your president? What is the old saying about living in a glass house!” Twitter user @RevRonNC said.

“More often than not, when Trump speaks, he appears over-medicated or high. It’s rumored he’s addicted to Adderall. When is someone going to investigate and report to the American public?” Twitter user @RealAme11532540 said.

“This reflects the consensus of the mental health professionals who’ve seen it as their duty to warn of the dangers of having Trump in the White House,” Twitter user @ChrisLutolf said.

“Can’t wait till he’s non-stop stuttering, slurring, word mashing, air accordioning like a trained sea lion, and twitching like a tasered eel. Pray for that video clip every morning when I check the news,” Twitter user @kryanbc54 said.

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