• Donald Trump once again sparked rumors that he has dementia
  • The POTUS' condition is reportedly incurable and untreatable
  • Donald Trump hasn't been diagnosed with dementia 

Donald Trump's recent statement about Harvey Weinstein after he was charged with a guilty verdict sparked speculations that he could be suffering from dementia.

According to Raw Story, John Talmadge, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, believes that the contents of the POTUS’ rant were indicative of his dementia. More specifically, Talmadge claimed that Trump’s rant proved that his mental condition is deteriorating.

“This is not Trump giving an answer to a question; this was a symptom. The condition is untreatable, incurable. Alzheimer’s dementia destroyed the life of Fred Trump and dementia tends to run in families,” he said.

But Political Flare journalist Jason Miciak is not very sure that this is the case. He said that Trump’s recent rant about Weinstein may have just been proof enough to say that the president is not that smart.

“Okay, I can see that he wasn’t even answering a specific question on Me, Too, just veering into completely ridiculous areas that ruminate in the gutter of his mind and leap out at inappropriate times? Yes, that does seem far more symptomatic of something,” Miciak wrote.

The journalist also said that a diagnosis cannot be confirmed unless the POTUS gets tested by a licensed physician. But it is common knowledge that some of the medications that he may be taking can interfere with his cognitive ability.

It is also possible that Trump’s mind is deteriorating because he’s unable to sleep, which can eventually lead to dementia.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the only time that Trump was rumored to be suffering from dementia. During his recent rallies and appearances, the POTUS has been forgetting more and more names and dates leaving his critics to think that he’s suffering from the mental condition.

During his rally in Las Vegas, Melania Trump’s husband hilariously forgot what city he was in, and he was mocked on Twitter because of it.

“Meanwhile, his bonkers son throws [expletive] at Biden for losing track of where he is,” Twitter user @LowlifeTami wrote.

“#POTUS is not well,” Twitter user @beshannonphotos said.