• Twitter users believe that Donald Trump is dyslexic
  • Donald Trump's aversion to reading is due to dyslexia
  • Donald Trump admits he is a germophobe

Twitter users speculate that Donald Trump is dyslexic.

There are rumors that the president is suffering from dyslexia. Trump never addressed this issue but many Twitter users were convinced that it’s true. Some said that the condition explains Trump’s poor reading skills and others went further saying that it has something to do with his attitude.

“He's's obvious. His avoidance of reading and his contempt for the educated are sure signs of this disability,” @BreedingValerie commented.

“He CAN’T read. I have a relative who’s dyslexic. He compensated by being arrogant as a defense. Trump has some kind of learning issue and the bizarre combo of wealth and rage and humiliation gave us this monster,” @KarlzbadTavern added.

“Face it... he's dyslexic. So severely he never bothered to get the help he needed and is essentially illiterate. At this point he's not even a functional illiterate. His thinking is also skewed,” @effiedog opined.

“To clarify for the 100th time. Trump is dyslexic and was too arrogant/his dad too ashamed to get help. He has 0 reading comprehension skills. He can repeat words that are phonetically spelled out unless they are 3 syllables. He can’t spell either. @realDonaldTrump,” @CaslerNoel wrote.

Harriet Feinberg, a retired education who taught English at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, had the same observations. According to her, Trump’s aversion to reading and twisted behavior are also due to his dyslexia.

Meanwhile, many believe that there’s nothing wrong with the condition, so Trump should open up about it. One said that Trump was being “self-centered” because he let his condition affect his job.

Many noticed that Trump was not very good in reading. A different netizen said that he thought Trump “either could not read or read at a very elementary level.”

In the documentary “The Words That Built America,” six living presidents and six vice-presidents were filmed while reading the constitutions. Trump had the easiest part but he had trouble reading the opening of Article III. It came to a point when he blamed the crew for making a lot of noise because it was distracting him.

In related news, Trump admitted that he was a “germophobe.” He even admitted that he was considering replacing the mandatory and unsanitary handshake with the Japanese custom of bowing.

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