• Donald Trump is allegedly suffering from mild to moderate to moderate dyslexia
  • Donald Trump has trouble reading
  • Donald Trump blamed staff for distracting him while reading Article III

Donald Trump is reportedly suffering from dyslexia.

According to Harriet Feinberg, a retired educator who taught English at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, the president of the United States is dyslexic. The POTUS may have been suffering from “mild to moderate dyslexia” and this has something to do with the way he reads and leads.

“Dyslexia may explain a lot about the twisted behavior of the president,” Feinberg wrote. “While dyslexia has been mentioned now and then as one of the reasons Donald Trump is so ignorant of what it takes to govern in a free society, I want to explore it as foundational to his inability to learn and grow while in office—and also as a way to link disparate troubling elements in his makeup.”

Feinberg pointed out Trump’s difficulty in reading to his penchant for falsehood. She was convinced that the POTUS began faking when he was just 6 or 7 years old because he couldn’t keep up with the other children his age.

She also believed that Trump wanted to be great so he made things up until faking became his nature and he couldn’t stop doing it anymore. She also highlighted how dyslexia affected Trump’s reading skills. Feinberg pointed out howTrump played roles on TV where he didn’t need to read much and where his “fakery” and “tales” enhanced his media personality.

“My hunch is that he has mild to moderate dyslexia, a neurobiological condition that makes it difficult to learn to read and can also affect sentence formation and vocabulary,” Feinberg added.

In the documentary “The Words That Built America,” six living president and six vice-presidents were filmed while reading the consitution. Trump read the opening of Article III but he stumbled and eventually got irritated. The businessman-turned-politician said that what he was reading was like a foreign or different language. He also blamed the crew for making a lot of noise because it was distracting him.

Feinberg also believed that dyslexia has some contribution to his attitude. She felt that Trump could fake his way to fame and power and enjoy “lording” it over the so-called “smart” people.

“I am suggesting that Trump’s lifelong experience with dyslexia, instead of increasing his capacity for compassion, has instead combined with problematic elements in his personality, including a penchant for revenge that was apparent even when he was a young adult,” he added.

In related news, Trump was slammed on Twitter for including an “inaccurate information” in a speech. The POTUS claimed that he turned Rankin’s life around by giving him construction job, thanks to the administration’s “Opportunity Zone” tax break. But Bernardo Condon said that Trump’s statement was not true.