• Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden's stutter at a rally
  • His critics were convinced that it was one of the POTUS's lowest blows
  • Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden's stutter even though he slurs 

Donald Trump headlined a rally this week, and it took him a few minutes before he showed obvious signs that he was slurring.

The POTUS’ words were barely understandable for a few seconds, and Political Flare claimed that there’s really something wrong going on with the president.

However, this isn’t the most humiliating aspect of his speech. Even though Trump obviously slurred his way through the rally, he still mocked Joe Biden’s stutter. The latter has been diagnosed with a speech disorder, and he’s also very open about it.

Trump, on the other hand, has never been diagnosed with any speech impediment, but he slurs and stutters most of the time.

“You get angry when you can’t get the words out,” the POTUS said while dissing Biden.

Twitter user @atrupar uploaded a video of Trump shading Biden.

“Trump mocks Joe Biden’s speech (Biden has been open about his stutter,” the Twitter user captioned the snap.

The POTUS’s critics couldn’t believe that he would go so low into attacking someone over a clinically diagnosed condition.

“And for years he has denied mocking a disabled person. Now, he doesn’t bother to hide it. His cruel cultists love this stuff. Deplorables, indeed,” Twitter user @JRubinBlogger said.

“He’s lost every shred of credibility and dignity as if he had any to spare,” Twitter user @NeedlessToSay said.

“Dementia patient says what?” Twitter user @PettyWhiteJr said.

“Even if Trump is doing a great job, I despise him because of how he treats people,” Twitter user @rosenvines said.

“Says the person who often slurs his words or can’t pronounce them correctly. I still remember ‘stankuary cities,’” Twitter user @OreoBuffy5 said.

“Get the mirror,” Twitter user @patriciaself said.

“Yeah, he is indecent and atrocious – I can’t loathe him anymore but I will keep trying to,” Twitter user @rhett_chavez said.

“Several layers of pathology mixed with irony all in one short clip. The meanest man in history slurs while slurring,” Twitter user @ChadBesseches said.