Donald Trump celebrated his first Presidents Day in the White House by touting his administration’s accomplishments during his first month in office. However, that sense of achievement was not reflected in the mood of the American people, with his latest approval rating indicating him to be the most unpopular president in modern history at this stage of his tenure.

Just 40 percent have approved of the job Trump was doing, according to a Gallup poll released Friday. At a comparable stage, predecessor Barack Obama had an approval rating of  64 percent. Since Dwight Eisenhower took office, the average rating at this stage of a president’s first term was 61 percent.

Before Trump, the president with the lowest approval rating at this point was Bill Clinton. Only one other president, Ronald Reagan, previously had a rating below 60 percent.

What’s more, Trump’s rating was declining, according to Gallup’s survey. When he entered the White House on Jan. 20, his approval rating stood at 45 percent.

Trump has repeatedly broken records for unfavorability since the days of his campaign. He was also the least popular president-elect. It was during his transition that Trump, who repeatedly questioned the credibility of opinion polls during his election battle with Democrat Hillary Clinton, also criticized the reliability of approval ratings.

“The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls,” he wrote in January. “They are rigged just like before.”

Trump has continued to have historically low popularity among Democrats and independents. Trump’s popularity among Republicans remained high. Only George W. Bush has had a better approval rating than Trump’s 87 percent in mid-February of their first term. But no president, even Bush, has come close to Trump’s current mark of just eight percent among Democrats surveyed. His approval rating of 35 percent among independents was also 21 points lower than any other president.