• President Donald Trump was accused of threatening Senator Adam Schiff
  • Schiff described Melania Trump's husband as a 'vindictive' president
  • White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham defended the POTUS

Many were stunned when President Donald Trump said that impeachment manager Adam Schiff has to pay a “price” on Twitter, Sunday. The POTUS did not make it clear if he meant the said post to be a threat, as what most reports claimed. However, the Republican senator, apparently, took it as one.

“Shifty Adam Schiff is a CORRUPT POLITICIAN, and probably a very sick man,” the husband of Melania Trump tweeted. “He has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!” he went on.

Schiff responded to the president through the platform. “It requires moral courage to stand up to this President. There's no doubt that he is vindictive — his threatening tweet about me today is proof positive. But we all have an obligation to do the right thing. Moral courage is rare. But it is never more essential than now,” he wrote on Twitter. Schiff, during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” show, shared he thought Donald Trump’s tweet was intended to be a form of intimidation against him.

Netizens also expressed their reactions to President Donald Trump’s tweet about Adam Schiff. “Is this a death threat? You’re a dangerous sociopath...and should be convicted and removed from office immediately... #Trump #AdamSchiff,” filmmaker-producer Andy Ostroy responded to the POTUS’s tweet. “Doofy Donald Trump is a RAPIST and a RACIST and definitely a very sick man who needs to pay the price for what he has done to our country!” Bishop Talbert Swan stated.

“Is this the US President threatening the life of a US Congressman, a leader of the opposition party? Does not matter: fact we are having a legitimate debate about whether or not President is ordering hit on Congressman means we have already lost our way as a republic,” economist David Rothschild added. “Trump saying today that Adam Schiff has "not paid the price" is a THREAT.  Period. It's like when a mob boss threatens prosecutors.  But instead of coming from a mob boss it's coming from the head of the Republican Party.  And the rest of the GOP is silent. #Complicit,” radio host Dean Obeidallah said.

After the POTUS received numerous backlash due to his controversial tweet, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham defended him during an interview with Fox News’ Media Buzz host Howard Kurtz. Melania Trump’s spokeswoman said that the president’s tweet is not a threat.

“People put meanings behind what he says. The president speaks in a very unique way, he’s a counter-puncher, he’s saying what it’s on his mind,” Grisham said. “I think he means he hasn’t paid the price with voters…quite frankly it seems like he’s having a little bit of a mental issue when you sit on the floor for hours and hours and hour. He’s obsessed with this president and trying to take him down,” she went on.

Adam Schiff has yet to respond to Stephanie Grisham’s statements.

President Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress President Donald Trump is on trial in the Senate for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Photo: GETTY IMAGES / Drew Angerer