• Donald Trump made over a hundred tweets but did not greet Melania Trump on their wedding anniversary
  • Donald Trump and Melania did not celebrate 14th wedding anniversary on social media
  • Melania Trump sparked marital feud rumors

Donald Trump reportedly sent over 100 tweets but did not greet Melania Trump on their wedding anniversary on Twitter.

The president is very active on Twitter because he doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing his thoughts on the platform. He normally shares several tweets in a day, so it was a big deal for many that he didn’t mention his 15th wedding anniversary with Melania in one of his posts.

“Donald Trump sent 141 tweets today. None of them wished Melania a happy Wedding Anniversary,” one wrote.

“Given his mental state I’m surprised he still remembers he’s married,” another added.

However, many also believed that the matter should be left to the couple because for them, Trump surely gave his wife a present for their anniversary. Meanwhile, a few said that tweeting about their marriage milestone is unnecessary.

“He doesn't need to tweet to Melania, she's right there in the building! He can rely on Mulvaney to remember for him and send the free massage coupon at any participating trump branded property,” Jasper Mallis wrote.

“Trump sent Melania a beautiful anniversary card signed with a Sharpie. Hope he's mastered an asterisk and is using his full name now. Donald J Trump(*),” @RandallUhrig wrote .

“He probably DM’ed her,” another added.

“That ought to be totally normal. Online couples are insufferable,” a different user opined.

Trump’s gesture isn’t new because last year, he also didn’t commemorate his wedding with Melania on Twitter. Express wrote that it was surprising for someone like Trump to ignore the milestone on social media because Trump is “heavily involved” in it.

Meanwhile, Melania sparked marital feud rumors when she joined Trump at the NCAA College Football Championship. The FLOTUS was seen smiling, but her facial expression changed into a grimace when Trump reached out to hold her hand. The incident prompted some to say that Melania looked miserable with her husband.

Donald and Melania Trump Slideshow 32. (tie) Donald and Melania Trump: The President and First Lady's 2005 nuptials kept costs low at just $1 Million since their ceremony took place in a church and the reception was held at his Mar-A-Lago Estate. Still, they made sure to have some lavish touches to their affair, including a $100,000 custom Dior gown for the bride, which weighed 60 pounds, was embroidered with 1,500 rhinestones and pearls, and featured a 13-foot train. The President and First Lady are photographed meeting with King Abdullah II and Queen Raina of Jordan in the White House Oval Office in Washington, DC on June 25, 2018. Photo: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images