• Donald Trump was savagely attacked on Twitter
  • Netizens called Donald Trump and Melania Trump's marriage fake
  • The POTUS was mocked for allegedly cheating on the FLOTUS

Donald Trump was savagely attacked on social media after the White House uploaded a never-before-seen photo of himself dancing with Melania Trump on their 15th wedding anniversary.

The POTUS completely snubbed his wife on their special day since he didn’t post anything to commemorate their anniversary. The FLOTUS also stayed away from social media, but she uploaded a photo of herself on Inauguration Day.

Trump’s lack of affection towards his wife triggered some of his critics to mock him online. Some of them even reignited the rumors about the POTUS’s alleged infidelity.

“Yeah of awkward years of marriage and a possible affair especially when she was pregnant with his kid. So yeah, happy marriage,” Instagram user @_john91_ said.

“They look nothing like a happy couple,” Instagram user @galvezluna said.

“He banged a porn star when she was pregnant,” Instagram user @gramiesue said.

“I feel sorry for FLOTUS because she spent 15 of her youthful life with an old, crazy man just because he’s rich,” Instagram user @abdisonkor said.

“Fake marriage,” Instagram user @ceecee120760 said.

Meanwhile, some supporters of Trump called his photo with the first lady beautiful. And a lot of them are rooting for the POTUS to still be their president after the upcoming elections.

“2020 Trump,” Instagram user @loskingkk said.

“#Trump2020,” Instagram user @bolt.23 said.

In related news, the POTUS has been accused of cheating on Melania more than once. Two years ago, reports swirled that he paid porn star Stormy Daniels a hefty sum of money to make sure that she wouldn’t talk during the 2016 elections. According to The New York Times, the FLOTUS was blindsided by what happened.

Years ago, rumors also swirled that the POTUS had an affair while Melania was pregnant with their son, Barron. However, the first lady doesn’t like discussing her husband’s infidelity rumors because it doesn’t concern her and the American people.

Donald Trump handed out good and bad marks Donald Trump handed out good and bad marks Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON