During a political rally Thursday night in Sioux City, Iowa, Donald Trump made his strongest suggestion to date about running for president in 2024. Apart from that, he also spoke about "horrible children" at the event, leading Trump's critics to believe he might have been projecting.

Trump was boasting about the changes he made to the estate tax in 2018, which allowed people to leave more money to their kids, or rather their favorite kids, Huffington Post reported.

The estate tax exemption was only applicable on inherited assets valued above $11.18 million for individuals, and $22.36 million for couples. In 2023, the figures will rise further to $12.2 million and $26 million respectively, Fortune reported.

"I always say, 'if you don't like your child, leave it to charity.' Some of us have horrible children. Do you have horrible children," Trump said, Yahoo reported. His comments were met with laughter from the assembled audience.

"Does anybody have like a child where you really are not gonna (sic) leave your farm, any farmers?" he said, directly looking into the audience. "I got rid of the inheritance you know how it happened. You love your children, and you wanna (sic) leave it, and they end up going bust."

Trump's detractors were quick with the assumptions.

"It's ok...we already know.." tweeted one. "Well there's the projection confession. His suit filed in FL today is to protect who's in the will and HE HAS HORRIBLE CHILDREN. Um Jr? Hate to break it to ya," tweeted another.

"Actually it sounds more like him and his father—who gave him tons of money that he lost & he claimed bankruptcy so many times—not to mention stealing his brother's share...but, yes, projection. #ETTD" noted a third. "This may be the most boomer statement of all time," quipped another. "Me thinks 'some of us' have only horrible children.. This is more of a confession than a postulation," opined another.

At the same rally, Trump strongly suggested he will make his third bid to the White House.

"I ran twice," he said, talking about election fraud yet again. "I won twice, and did much better the second time than I did the first, getting millions more votes in 2020 than I got in 2016."

Getting into the spirit of his MAGA motto, Trump said, "And likewise, getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far. And now in order to make our country successful, and safe and glorious. I will very, very, very probably do it again."

After Sioux City, Trump will be conducting three more "Save America" rallies to campaign for the Republicans ahead of the midterms. He will be in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Nov. 5, Miami, Florida, on Nov. 6, and Dayton, Ohio, on Nov. 7.

Twice-impeached former US president Donald Trump has faced multiple criminal and civil probes since losing his bid for reelection
Donald Trump said "some of us have horrible children" at Sioux City, Iowa, rally AFP