• Donald Trump compared the ratings of his press briefings to "The Bachelor" 
  • The POTUS claimed that his ratings are better than the reality TV show
  • Donald Trump was criticized for focusing on ratings instead of solutions amid the pandemic

Donald Trump just made a shocking claim about his controversial coronavirus press conferences.

On Monday, the POTUS posted a cryptic tweet saying that the ratings for his press briefings are much higher compared to the ratings of the hit reality TV show “The Bachelor.”

“Because the ‘Ratings’ of my News Conferences etc. are so high, ‘Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers’ according to the @nytimes, the Lamestream Media is going CRAZY. ‘Trump is reaching too many people, we must stop him,’ said one lunatic. See you at 5:00 P.M.!” the POTUS wrote.

In a previous post, the president also claimed that the ratings of the mainstream media are down.

“Polls are showing tremendous disapproval of Lamestream Media coverage of the Virus crisis. The Fake News just hasn’t figured that out yet!” he tweeted.

Shortly after, the POTUS was criticized online for focusing more on the ratings of his press briefings instead of finding ways to help Americans deal with the pandemic.

“The media is covering depressing metrics of this crisis - deaths, illness, jobs lost, businesses and families impacted. The president is keeping a close eye on how he is being received says he's getting ‘Bachelor finale’ type ratings,” Twitter user @maggieNYT said.

“Fauci just said six figures of our fellow citizens will die in the coming weeks and the architect of our failed response and strategy bloviates about ‘Bachelor’ finale ratings,” Twitter user @davidplouffe said.

A pandemic is killing Americans and the president is tweeting about his TV ratings,” Twitter user @atrupar said.

“Trump is seriously bragging about his TV ratings right now,” Twitter user @JessieLehrich said.

“He's bragging about his damn TV ratings in the midst of a deadly pandemic,” Twitter user @BradMossEsq said.

“Eye on the ball there, Don, as usual. It's about you and your ratings. The fact that your own expert, Dr. Fauci, predicts hundreds of thousands of Americans will die this year, is secondary...not important compared to your ego you preening narcissistic degenerate ghoul,” Twitter user @djrothkopf said.

US President Donald Trump said the peak death rate from the coronavirus epidemic was expected in two weeks US President Donald Trump said the peak death rate from the coronavirus epidemic was expected in two weeks Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON