• President Donald Trump called the Capitol riot a heinous attack
  • The POTUS said he was outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem during the protest
  • Twitter users slammed Trump because he previously called the rioters "very special"  

Donald Trump condemned the violent protest at the Capitol and said the rioters did not represent the country, but his statement backfired as many claimed that the protesters represented him.

Trump addressed the riot at the Capitol on Wednesday and called it a "heinous attack." Just like all of the Americans, he was "outraged by violence, lawlessness and mayhem." He also said he immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the buildings and expel the intruders, but his statements did not convince many.

Initially, when the riot broke, Trump called the rioters who descended at the U.S. Capitol "very special." He asked the mob to disperse and told them, "We love you." But in his recent statement 24 hours after the protest, he said the rioters did "not represent our country.” Twitter users immediately slammed the POTUS for his statement.

"Let me count the ways! Yesterday he told the riotous mob that he loved them & that they were special. Today he said they did not represent America. He said that he immediately called the National Guard. LIE! He sat watching the coverage instead. That is just a start!" one commented.

"You're right, the infiltrators did not represent America they represented YOU. They carried flags with YOUR name on them, they wore hats with YOUR name on them, they wore shirts with YOUR name on them. They shouted YOUR name. They came from a rally YOU organized," another wrote.

"The capitol terrorists did indeed not represent America. They represented YOU! I hope karma delivers to you a most excruciating death when your time comes like the excruciating death 350,000 Americans suffered due to your lack of humanity, compassion & competence!" a third netizen added.

Despite the criticisms, many still supported the POTUS. Errol Webber called Trump "the greatest President of my lifetime."

"We love you, Mr. President. God Bless you and First Lady Melania," a second user added.


When the riot broke on Wednesday, Trump tweeted to ask everyone at the Capitol to remain peaceful and avoid violence because "WE are the Part of Law & Order." He also urged his supporters to "respect the law and our great men and women in Blue."

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