• Donald Trump just sparked dementia rumors again
  • The POTUS struggled to pronounce the United Arab Emirates
  • Donald Trump mispronounced UAE as United Arab Air Mattress 

Donald Trump has been sparking rumors that he could be suffering from dementia because his memory hasn’t been well.

Last week, the POTUS unveiled his Middle East Peace Plan, which was endorsed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During the unveiling of the Middle East Peace Plan, Trump appeared to be having some difficulties speaking. At one point, the president sounded as though he was thanking the United Arab Air Mattress instead of the United Arab Emirates.

A video of Trump shows him thanking a slew of countries in the Middle East include Oman, Bahrain, and the UAE. The POTUS was able to pronounce the first two countries correctly, but he fumbled while saying Emirates.

On Twitter, Melania Trump’s husband was lambasted for his glaring error.

“I doubt you can do that. You referred to the United Arab Emirates as United Arab Air Mattress. Before trying to make America great again, try to improve your pronunciation. Simple things come first,” Twitter user @ShadiOct said.

“@realDonaldTrump [expletive], you’re [expletive] than I gave you credit for. You couldn’t put your hand on your heart because you have none. No heart, brain or soul. And the United Arab Emirates, not an air mattress. Your father was right about you,” Twitter user @45Nutcase said.

“The United Arab Air Mattress… @realDonaldTrump apparently just invented a new state in the Middle East…” Twitter user @LanguageSurgeon wrote.

“Don the Con… @realDonaldTrump said United Arab Air Mattress: Trump failed to pronounce UAE correctly,” Twitter user @krmellie said.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Trump struggled to pronounce simple words. For instance, he also buckled while trying to say “witch” and “criminal.” Political Flare credited this to the possibility that Trump could be suffering from dementia.

And on another occasion, the POTUS once again sparked dementia rumors after he failed to recall when he first met Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The two men met in October 2019, but Trump thought that this happened just a few weeks ago.