• Donald Trump struggled to pronounce activation during his recent press conference
  • Donald Trump sparked rumors that he's unwell after Friday's press conference
  • The POTUS seemingly forgot to greet Barron Trump on social media on Friday 

Donald Trump recently held another controversial coronavirus press conference at the White House on Friday.

During his speech, the POTUS struggled to pronounce the word activation. Journalist Aaron Rupar uploaded a video of the president attempting to pronounce activation for the first time but failing. But when he tried saying that word again, he managed to do so with ease.

“Trump has trouble with the word ‘activation,’” he captioned the clip.

In the 11-second clip, the POTUS pronounces activation as activist.

“Coordination center to the highest level of activists… I mean, if you take a look at what we did it, the level of activation…” Trump said.

After seeing the clip and hearing the rest of what the POTUS said during his latest press conference, his critics couldn’t help but speculate that he’s unwell. In fact, some of them even encouraged the president to stay at an assisted living facility.

“I’m sorry but I’m having trouble with the words ‘President Trump.’ It induces pain, panic, seizure, nausea, and Tourette’s syndrome,” Twitter user @kryanbc54 said.

“Coordination center to the highest level of aaccitivassahiiosn,” Twitter user @outofcontrolljb mocked.

“He did the shoulder convulsion right before, as always,” Twitter user @HPumperton said.

“Just watch this, @realDonaldTrump should be in an assisted living facility not in the White House,” Twitter user @BershodM said.

“This man is not well,” Twitter user @94_smitha said.

“He has his covering up mispronunciations down pat!” Twitter user @chibio said.

Meanwhile, the POTUS was also criticized for not greeting his youngest son, Barron on his 14th birthday. Political Flare also mocked the president for having the time to criticize a reporter but not having a few minutes to commemorate his son’s special day.

Barron’s half-siblings, Tiffany Trump and Don Jr. also paid tribute to Barron on their respective social media accounts. They both shared adorable photos of the teenager.

Melania also greeted her son on Twitter but Ivanka and Eric forgot to greet their brother as well.