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A cardboard cutout of President Donald Trump is shown during a protest against escalating threats of military action in North Korea, Aug. 10, 2017, in Washington, D.C. Getty Images

It is a well-known fact that President Donald Trump is quite active on Twitter and takes no time criticizing or praising anyone or defending his administration through his tweets. On Thursday, the president accidentally liked a tweet posted to his personal account by a user @AHamiltonSpirit.

The tweet read: “Also can you believe THIS?! RAPE….ORGIES….KOREA….TRUMP….WTF?! #Korea is a #DISTRACTION." However, almost after two hours, Trump unliked the post.

Donald Trump liked tweet - Copy
President Donald Trump liked a tweet Aug. 10, 2017, on his personal account from user @AHamiltonspirit that read: “Also can you believe THIS?! RAPE….ORGIES….KOREA….TRUMP….WTF?! #Korea is a #DISTRACTION.” The Like disappeared after sometime. New York Daily News (taken from Donald Trump's liked tweets)

Alexander Hamilton, who manages the account that frequently posts anti-Trump tweets, said it was the 13th time the president had liked his post.

Trump's Twitter habits have been a topic of discussion since he took the office. Until July 15, the president had sent out 920 tweets since his inauguration in January, according to Business Insider.

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On July 2, Trump defended his frequent use of the micro-blogging site by tweeting that his "use of social media is not Presidential - it's Modern Day Presidential."

After Trump assumed office, he was the topic of over 40 percent of all news stories in prominent publications and televisions, which means he was in news thrice the times his predecessors were. However, Trump's inaccurate claims and attacks on fellow Republicans which are reflected through his tweets, have set "new standards for negativity," Fox News reported.

Since the president is away on a 17-day vacation currently, it was doubtful if he would post any tweets. However, Trump is a "man of routine," and therefore his work and vacation schedule almost remains the same, Vox reported.

An article published in the New York Times said the president follows a simple pattern while he is vacationing. He wakes up, turns on the television and looks for something he can tweet about.

Trump sends out the same number of tweets while he is on a vacation as he does when he is at work. On both the instances, the president tweets six times a day on an average, according to a Vox analysis.

Apart from the frequency of his tweets, another bizarre aspect is his typo errors which sometimes send the social media in a tizzy.

In December 2016, his most infamous typo error occurred when Trump tweeted about Chinese seizure of a U.S. Navy drone as an "unpresidented act."

On May 31, he posted a tweet which had the most entertaining word that sent everybody into fits of laughter. The president tweeted: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe..."

Later, Trump also had his fun moments by asking his followers to guess what "covfefe" means.

It is certain the president was trying to write the word "coverage" when he accidentally typed "covfefe."

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According to a CNBC analysis, Trump uses the term "fake news" in his tweets quite often. He uses it for reports that broadly criticize him or his administration.

Since his inauguration, Trump had used the word more than 90 times, according to a search of the database.