Doug Hutchison, formerly best known as the actor from "The Green Mile," but now as the 52-year-old man who married an underage teenager, was called a “child molester” by one of his “Couple’s Therapy” cast members on Wednesday night.

Hutchison married Courtney Stodden when she was only 16 years old after she got legal consent from her parents to enter a “pure union” with the actor.

Because of their age gap, the couple has essentially alienated everyone in their lives. They’re also about to do the same when it comes to their “Couple’s Therapy” cast mates considering Stodden doesn’t seem like she’s going to wear anything other than a bikini around the VH1 reality show house.

After kicking off the premiere of the show with drama, the animosity between “The Dirty” blogger Nik Richie continued when he called Hutchison a child molester.

Some say it’s ironic for Richie to criticize Hutchison when his website, “The Dirty,” aggressively critiques the appearance of women.

The counselor of the show, Dr. Jen Berman, tried to sort out the tension between the two men by having a sit down, feeling that their fights would “distract everyone else’s therapy.”

Dr. Berman, who is mostly referred to on the show as Dr. Jen, even questions the dynamic of Hutchison and Stodden’s relationship.

During their sit down Richie bluntly tells Hutchison:

“The problem I have is, the underage union to me - and this is my personal belief - is just not right, dude.”

“You know what Nik?” replied Doug, “I appreciate that, because a lot of people think the way you do.”

He attempts to reason with Richie:

“For some reason, in our Western culture, people have a harder time, because this happens in France, in Italy, in the Middle East ...”

“So you support that then?” Richie interjected.

Hutchison: “I support marriage. The union of marriage.”

Richie: “It's hard for me to grasp Doug ... between love - and touching a child. That's what's bothering me.”

He continued: “I just had a daughter. Doug, if you have a daughter and your daughter comes up to you and says, ‘Hey I'm in love with a 51-year-old guy, and I'm 16 years old - Daddy can you take you to the DMV to get my license? But just so you know I'm getting married next week.’

“What consent would you give her?”

“Play out this scenario,” Hutchison tried to reason. “Would you rather your daughter be with someone her age ... who's going to put her in danger, give her drugs, give her alcohol - or, would you prefer someone who was 51 years old, who has pure intentions, who is going to keep your daughter safe?”

Realizing they weren’t getting anywhere, Richie eventually tells the 52-year-old:

“I don't want to judge you for your actions, because in this house, honestly it's none of my business.

“I'm going to apologize for what I called you - in a derogatory way - what I said was a ‘child molester,’ because maybe it came off a little harsh.

But turned the apology around by quickly adding: “I still think it is a form of statutory rape ... I just know in my mind I'm never gonna be OK with what you do.”

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