The FBI caught the Dougherty siblings in Colorado after a wild high-speed chase that ended in a crash and a shootout, CBS reported.

The Doughertys -- Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21; Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26; and Lee Grace Dougherty, 29 --were spotted by a sheriff's deputy at a gas station Wednesday morning, with one of them sitting in their car, according to NBC. Then, the two others jumped in the car and the wild chase began.

Two of them were captured immediately after the crash and one of them was subsequently arrested on foot.

NBC reported that two of them sustained injuries in the car crash and one of them was shot. All three are being treated at a Colorado hospital.

The 20-mile chase, which topped speeds of 100 miles per hour and saw shots fired, finally ending when the Doughertys crashed their car after state troopers set down tire-puncturing stop-sticks, said NBC.

The trio has been wanted since Aug. 2 for shooting at a police officer who attempted to pull them over for speeding in Florida and robbing a bank in Georgia.