It was Madonna's lipstick, not her mouth, that supposedly grossed out Drake during their kiss. Reuters

Drake didn’t look pleased when Madonna planted a wet one on him during shared time on stage at Coachella, but there’s a reason why the emo rapper was so upset. The icon’s lipstick -- or lip gloss -- wasn’t that tasty, TMZ wrote Monday.

Unlike Madonna’s infamous spit swap with Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Music Awards, the kiss with Drake was not planned, sources told TMZ. In fact, Drake “loved” the kiss but it was Madonna's lipstick that grossed him out, not her 56-year-old mouth.

But there is something suspicious about that statement. It didn’t look like Madonna was wearing lipstick. Granted, it could have been a nude or beige color. But, then again, who has ever heard of a lipstick that tasted that repulsive? As soon as Madonna broke away from their mouth-to-mouth embrace, Drake grimaced and put his hand over his face to wipe away the kiss.

Drake, 28, has not issued an official statement about the act. Instead, he promoted his “Jungle Tour” on Twitter. The rapper will visit Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and New York City for the mini-tour with Future, Hot New Hip Hop wrote.

Madonna, however, had plenty to say. She shared a photo of the kiss and wrote “no caption necessary.” She then shared a telling quote. “If you don’t like me and watch everything I do. B----, you’re a fan.” The message was shared and liked thousands of times by her 710,000 Twitter followers.

The icon had a similar message when she fled the stage following their kiss. "B----, I'm Madonna." Drake wasn’t as confident, though. "Oh s---, what the f--- just happened?" he asked the audience.

Another reason he might have been displeased with the smooch was that he might be getting back together with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. “Rihanna and Drake were spotted together this weekend at Coachella and our witnesses say they looked very ‘couple-ey,' ” reported VH1’s "The Gossip Table."

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