If you ever want to get a sense of what people are really thinking, Twitter is as good as any source for providing a snapshot of the culture's collective unconscious. So when the "Madonna kissed Drake at Coachella" meme exploded Monday morning, it garnered quite a few responses from viewers who noted that Drake, 28, didn't look too pleased after Madonna, 56, planted a long kiss on him.

"Awkward," wrote more than one person, about Drake cringing and wiping his mouth before Madonna struts off the stage.

Was it planned? A stunt agreed upon by both parties before it happened? If so, wonders Caspar Lee sarcastically on Twitter, "Would love to have heard the meeting between Madonna and Drake's management about how they they should kiss to sell more music."

What's interesting is that in addition to the age-shaming Madonna receives, with more than one person hurling the pejorative "cougar" epithet at her for trying to reprise her "kissing popstars shtick," which she originated with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilara at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003, there were a lot of people accusing Madonna of forcing herself on a "nonconsenting" Drake. One writer even added racial overtones to the accusation.